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OEM & ODM Serivce

Vmedbeauty is a leading beauty machine manufacturer in China,which has many experienced engineers in many fields such as cryolipolysis,laser,IPL,HIFU and Liposonix,so we are confident to make your idea coming true,following is our OEM&ODM process:


Phase 1: Concept Development

Client Request

Our highly-trained technical sales specialists and engineers communicate with you about your idea and confirm the specifications,design,and any technical issues.


Phase 2:

Product Development

Our experienced engineers analyze the completed design and begin development

e-Concept Drawings

The completed design is turned into 2D and 3D drawings, and digital mockups and prototypes are generated for review

Client Approval

You review the e-Concept Drawings and either approve them for Prototyping, or request additional changes to the design


The design is modified and re-cycles through the Development Phase


Phase 3:

Prototype & Fabrication

Prototype Quotation

Production Drawings

Concept drawings are finalized for production

Prototype Fabrication

Clarify with Client

Our specialists explain any issues with you

Client Review

We send you the prototype for review


Any modifications to the design are added, and the design re-cycles through Development and Prototype Phases


Phase 4: Pre-Production


Client Review


Any modifications to the design are added, and the design re-cycles


Phase 5: Production


Post-Production Support

Document Control & Backups

All files and procedures are documented and backed up for future orders from client, or for client's future reference.