q switch nd yag laser/nd:yag laser/tattoo removal machine

q switch nd yag laser/nd:yag laser/tattoo removal machine


Laser tattoo removal is a simple procedure that allows tattoos to be modified or removed through a series of easy to administer laser treatments.


Extremely short pulses of highly focused light energy are directed at tattoo ink in the skin. When the correct wavelength of light and sufficient fluency (energy) is used, the tattoo ink will rapidly heat up and break into smaller pieces. The body’s natural immune system (the lymphatic system) will then remove these shattered particles and allow the tattoo to fade.


ND Yag laser Q Switch has proven to be the safest and most advanced modern lasers on the market. The laser is able to remove tattoos without scarring or long-term damage or disruption to skin. An added bonus with this advance technology is the dual lenses, one specifically designed to treat black and the other for various colours.



The number of treatments required depends on a few factors such as the type, colour and age of the ink as well as the density and depth of the tattoo. Although a compromised immune systems and certain parts of the body could make tattoo removal more challenging.


We appreciate that as Tattoo artists are already very familiar with skin and the best studios emphasise aftercare instructions that give your client’s great results and healthy skin. Laser tattoo removal has similar side effects that you are accustomed to.

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